Driving Reports and Records

Reports and Records

Have you ever checked to see of your Driving Record or Credit File is accurate? Do you know how to get a copy of your Birth Certificate if you are out of the country?

Let my-DMV help you with many of these tasks.

Probably the best known statistical file is your Consumer Credit Report. Everyone from your employer to car insurance company reviews it before committing to a financial relationship. Just as important are public records of any marriages, divorces, real estate transactions and civil or criminal justice proceedings. Knowing what potential business partners read about you is very important; especially if it is wrong!

You may not be comfortable asking a potential business associate if they pay their bills but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know! We are used to criminal background checks and drug screening for employment but there many other reasons to know.

When you need to know, my-DMV is here to help with safe and cost effective solutions. Take time to read the helpful information from the following vendors.