Buying and Selling a Car

Buying a Car, new or used, is a huge financial decision made on a very un-level playing field! It is you versus a dealership selling thousands of cars a year. You buy 1 car every 3-years while the salesman practices on 3 customers a day.

Every salesman you will meet has been trained to sell cars for the highest price, to finance them at the highest interest rate and to push warranty contracts, insurance policies and alarm systems on everyone.

You may wonder if it is even possible to buy a car without destroying your finances. The answer is YES and it only takes a few hours to learn. We interviewed dealers, salesmen and owners. All of them agree, the car selling industry has more than its share of sharks but an informed customer will always be treated fairly.

You can be an Informed Customer, whether Buying, Selling, Leasing or Trading your car! We have organized these pages by activity so you can start with Selling your current car then Buying another New or Used Car.

  • New Car Buying Guide
  • Used Car Buying Guide
  • Internet Car Buying Guide
  • Selling your Used Car
  • Leasing a Car
  • Downloadable Forms, Spreadsheets & Budgets
  • Tricks, Scams and High-Pressure Tactics Used by Car Dealers
  • Avoiding Check Fraud and Internet Rip-Offs
  • Definitions for the Car Industry
  • Frequently Asked Questions