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Colorado RV Registrations

Colorado RV registrations, where the RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, can also be applied to Colorado motorhome registrations, Colorado camper registrations and Colorado trailer registrations.  To register your RV in Colorado is basically the same as registering any other motor vehicle except for the fees and taxes which will be higher.

Proof of Identity

If you buy an RV in Colorado you must register it within 60 days or after 30 days of becoming a Colorado resident.  To register your RV you will need proof of identity

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Proof of Insurance

You will also need proof of insurance such as an insurance card, a copy of your insurance policy or a letter from your insurance company on company letterhead.

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Proof of Vehicle Emissions

You will need proof of Colorado vehicle emissions. Vehicles 1982 and newer will receive a test which is valid for 2 years. Vehicles 1981 and older will receive a test valid for 1 year. Diesel vehicles are to be tested as follows:  2003 and older vehicles are tested every year, and 2004 and newer vehicles are tested every other year. Heavy-duty vehicles with a GVWR of 14,001 and more are exempt from an emissions test if purchased brand new for 4 model years and then tested every other year until it reaches its tenth year and then the vehicle needs to be tested every year.

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Vehicle Title

You also will need the vehicle title with the owners name on it or a current out of state registration.

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Taxes and Fees

Finally you will need to pay the appropriate fees and taxes.  The fees are based on the empty weight and type of the vehicle. Additional fees could be collected depending on which county you live in and what license plates you selected. Ownership taxes are based on the year of manufacture of the vehicle and the original taxable value of the vehicle which is 85% the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  Only checks or cash are accepted as payment.

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